About Us

Center for Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS)

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded a $5.2 million grant to fund the Center for Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS). The ARIS Center is housed at the University of Missouri and will work with scientists and engagement practitioners to build capacity, advance scholarship, grow partnerships and provide resources to help them engage with and demonstrate the impact of research in their communities and society.

The work of the center will be beneficial to researchers who are responsible for driving discovery, to practitioners who collaborate with researchers and community stakeholders, and to the public who benefit from research and education advancements. The ARIS Center will emphasize support for serving traditionally underserved populations while providing inclusive public engagement to ensure a diverse science workforce.

A key focus and task of ARIS will include collaborating with international colleagues to share practices and resources around BI, knowledge mobiliz(s)ation, societal impacts, valorisation, and research uptake. ARIS will spur this collaboration through the development and sharing of research proposals, publications, and programs that share evidence-based practices for enhancing societal impact of research, as well as provide opportunities for broader impacts professionals to attend international conferences and colloquia to better understand societal impact through an international lens. Additionally, ARIS has named David Phipps, Executive Director Research and Innovation Services, York University (Canada), and Leonie van Drooge Senior Research, Rathenau Institute (Netherlands) as international representatives on the ARIS Board of Advisors.

National partners and institutions for the ARIS Center include: Brown University, Duke University, Iowa State University, Madison Area Technical College, Michigan State University, Northeastern University, Northwestern University, Oregon State University, Rutgers University and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Board of Advisors for the Center includes members from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Association of American Universities, California State-Monterey Bay, the Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education, the Council on Undergraduate Research, the Kavli Foundation, NASA, Northern Illinois University, the Rathenau Institute (Netherlands), Spelman College, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Western Washington University, and York University (Canada) among others.

ARIS (OIA-1810732) was founded in 2018 with co-funding from the following National Science Foundation Directorates: Biological Sciences, Computer and Information Science and Engineering, Engineering, Geosciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, and Education and Human Resources.