Summit 2020 Call for Proposals

2020 Summit: Expanding Broader Impacts

ARIS Summit 2020 April 28-30, 2020 in Durham North Carolina

Call for Proposals: Submission deadline is Nov. 9.

Presentations at the Summit will focus on professional development for the ARIS community as well as experiences, views, and visions regarding the expanding nature of BI.

Strong submissions may include:

  • Hands-on, skill-building workshops
  • Interdisciplinary and innovative BI programming
  • Practical tools for BI work
  • Evaluation
  • BI Scholarship
  • BI for graduate student development
  • Other duties as assigned ... whatever we haven’t thought about that you think we should, would be great!

One novel aspect of the 2020 Summit will be the inclusion of “Early Stage” and “Advanced” tracks. A particular strength of the Summit is that it has historically drawn a mixture of “first-timers” who are new to BI, and veterans who have attended multiple Summits. We want to maintain this dynamic, but also ensure that all attendees participate in sessions that best serve their interests and levels of experience. While every 2020 Summit attendee will be welcomed in any session, the “Early Stage” and “Advanced” designation will help guide attendees to sessions that will be most useful to them. As you prepare your proposals, please think about the ideal audience(s) for your session and, if relevant, indicate this on your session proposal form.

Types of Sessions Accepted and Submission Requirements:

  • Regular Sessions (45 minutes) -- 150 word abstract and one-page proposal
  • Workshops (1.5 hours) -- 150 word abstract and one-page proposal
  • Lightning talks (5-10 minutes) -- 150 word abstract
  • Posters -- 150 word abstract

Proposal Submission Instructions

Proposals will be accepted through November 9th. Please see proposal development rubric (link coming soon).

All submissions will include the following elements:

  • Title of presentation;
  • Names, titles, and organizations of presenters;
  • 150 word abstract with overview of topic and objectives for presentation, poster or lightning talk.

Regular and workshop sessions will also include:

  • “Early Stage,” “Advanced,” or “All Audience” designation;
  • One-page proposal with:
    • Description of format of session (i.e. panel discussion, hands-on workshop);
    • Content of session and goals of session, and/or learning objectives for participants;
    • Statement on how session aligns with theme of Summit.

Please direct any questions regarding proposal submission here.

ARIS Summit Proposal application form