Bringing Broader Impacts Training to Your Institution

Would your institution benefit from a deeper understanding of broader impacts? Would you like tips and strategies for building partnerships and leveraging existing resources to enhance the impact of your institution’s research activities? Are you considering establishing a BI support office at your institution, but don’t know how/where to start?

ARIS provides workshops and consultation on BI-related topics for a variety of audiences, ranging from one-hour to multi-day sessions, depending on your needs.

What is covered in ARIS training?

ARIS provides hands-on, activity-based training on a range of BI-related topics, such as:

  • “Broader Impacts 101” – A general overview which covers the history of NSF’s BI criterion, strategies for conceptualizing/developing/implementing/evaluating BI activities, and tips for leveraging existing resources to build your “BI identity”.
  • “Advanced Topics in BI” – This is tailored to your needs and could address topics such as managing partnerships, building evaluation skills, or facilitating a deeper understanding for creating social engagement in science, including developing and implementing programs that focus on BI capacity in economic competitiveness and workforce training.
  • Increasing institutional support for BI; Establishing a BI Support Office at your institution.
  • Grant-specific topics, such as “NSF CAREER Awards.”

Are you interested in something that is not listed above? Contact us to discuss it.

How long are ARIS training sessions?

Training workshops and consultations range from a one-hour session to day-long or even multi-day training. It depends entirely on your institution’s needs. When you contact us, we will discuss your goals and work together to determine the format/length that would best serve your institution, based on the topics you would like to cover.

Who are ARIS training sessions for?

Many different stakeholders at your institution might benefit from ARIS training, including:

  • Grad students
  • Postdocs
  • New/pre-tenure faculty
  • Tenured/senior faculty
  • Grant support/research support staff
  • Administration

In some cases, institutions elect to offer separate training for investigators (e.g., faculty, postdocs), grant support/research support staff, and administrative leaders. In other cases, institutions elect to have all stakeholders participate together. It would be up to the individual institution, working with the ARIS trainer, to determine who would participate in the training(s) we would offer.

What is expected of a host institution receiving ARIS -sponsored BI training?

All host institutions will be asked to do the following:

  • Identify a point-of-contact for that institution in dealing with planning and logistics of the training.
  • Cover all travel expenses (transportation, food, lodging, airport transfer/parking) for each trainer. (When possible, we will try to identify trainers who are local or reasonably close to reduce these expenses.)
  • Provide an honorarium ($3,000 for half-day, $5,000 for full-day). For shorter sessions, or in cases where institutions are unable to cover this, contact us and we will explore possible alternatives.
  • Cover all logistics and expenses associated with workshop promotion and registration, facility reservation, AV (as per the needs of the trainer) and any catering arrangements.