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  1. ARIS Webinar: Knowledge Translation and Research Impact in Australia and New Zealand

    ARIS webinar archived Nov. 11, 2020. Dr. Tamika Heiden (Research Impact Academy) presented on the nuances of research impact in Australia and New Zealand and how these differ from experiences in other countries.

  2. ARIS Webinar: The New SBE Broader Impacts Framework

    ARIS webinar archived April 20, 2021. National experts [Dr. Arthur "Skip" Lupia (NSF, SBE); Dr. Antoinette WinklerPrins (Division for Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences)] discuss the new SBE Broader Impacts Framework.

  3. Research and Public Engagement Experiences - OH MY! (PDF)

    Overview of current and previous programs to facilitate engagement with the public increasing the awareness of science’s values to society. Strategies and lessons learned for successful implementation 2020 Summit presentation. (Harris, Turcott)

  4. Support materials for developing a Broader Impacts program (PDF)

    Compilation of sample materials (BI newsletter, quarterly brainstorming session, training announcement) to illustrate methods for developing a Broader Impacts support program in the absence of a central BI office. 2020 Summit presentation (Price)

  5. Practical Tools for Broader Impacts Work (PDF)

    BI professionals often find themselves supporting the work of academic researchers, staff, and students as they seek to connect and coordinate with others. 2020 Summit poster presentation describes practical tools for supporting BI work (Harp)

  6. The Public Face of Science (PPTX)

    Resources and forthcoming recommendations from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Public Face of Science. Initiative initiated in 2016 to address complex, evolving relationship between science and society. 2020 Summit presentation (Kimmerling)

  7. BI Public Engagement Plan and Worksheet (PDF)

    Ready to create a public engagement plan for your Broader Impacts? This infographic tool includes a fillable worksheet and a set of resources to support the development of a meaningful, community centered engagement project. (Bachleda 2019)

  8. Convergent Learning from Divergent Perspectives (PDF)

    Initial findings from ongoing NSF-AISL project bringing together researchers with diverse disciplinary expertise to build collaborative projects engaging public audience in science. 2020 Summit poster presentation (O'Brien)

  9. Workshop: Broader Impacts through Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Research (PDF)

    Social, Behavioral, Economic Sciences (SBE) Research workshop. Panelists are current and former NSF SBE officers, providing guidance on robust cross-directorate proposals to NSF. 2019 Summit presentation (Zavisca, McKee, Tomkins)

  10. 3 I's of Stakeholder Analysis (PPTX)

    Impact literacy breakout session material from 4/30/2020 ARIS Summit. Tools for keeping track of 3i’s (Interest, Influence, Impact) over time. Case study and CRM suggestions for whole institution. (Kristen Coakley Ashare)

  11. Are scientists publishing their public engagement work? (PDF)

    The key used to illustrate five classification schemes of papers on public engagement with science (PES) in science journals. (Weber, Stylinski, Nadkarni 2020)

  12. Are You Impact Healthy? (PDF)

    Workbook designed to help institutions consider how ‘healthy’ they are in terms of supporting and generating impact, and identify how they can improve it. Material to accompany Are You Impact Healthy? presentation at 2020 ARIS Summit (Bayley, ...

  13. Are You Impact Ready? (PDF)

    Workbook designed to accent impact training workshops, help individuals think through key aspects of impact, support/develop skills in impact planning. Material to accompany Are You Impact Healthy? presentation at 2020 ARIS Summit (Bayley, Phipps)

  14. ARIS 2-Year Report (PDF)

    Broad overview of ARIS Center activities and accomplishments in each initiative area (developing partnerships, scholarship and research impact training), with a summary of administrative and communication efforts.

  15. ARIS NORDP Webinar on NSF BI Criterion

    ARIS webinar to define the broader impacts criterion that NSF requires for proposals and an overview about the transition from NABI to ARIS for the National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP).

  16. ARIS Portal to the Public (PDF)

    Led by the Institute for Learning Innovation, Portal to the Public offers an approach designed to help organizations connect public audiences with the scientists working in communities through face-to-face interactions at public programs and events.

  17. ARIS Research in Cinema (PDF)

    Building Sustainable Art-Based Outreach Collaborations to Engage Local Communities: a partnership in Columbia, MO between Ragtag Cinema and The Conector creating opportunities for audience members to learn more about the content and history of films.

  18. ARIS Webinar: Finding the Best Support Structure for Societal Impact: Ghent University

    Esther De Smet (Senior Policy Advisor at the Research Department of Ghent University, Belgium) presented on Finding the Best Support Structure for Societal Impact: The Case of the Ghent University.

  19. ARIS Webinar: Introduction to the Research Excellence Framework

    ARIS webinar archived June 30, 2020 by David Sweeney. Sweeney chairs the Research England Council and provides leadership and oversight of Research England's strategy and functions.

  20. ARIS Webinar: Societal Impact in the Netherlands

    ARIS webinar archived Oct. 14, 2020. Leonie van Drooge (Dutch Rathenau Instituut) presented on Societal Impact in the Netherlands - From a promise of relevance to dedicated impact practices.

  21. ARIS Webinar: The Past, Present and Future of Research Impact Canada

    ARIS webinar archived Sept. 3, 2020 by David J. Phipps, PhD (Asst VP Research Strategy & Impact at York Univ, Toronto) and Stephen MacGregor (Researcher, Research Impact Canada).

  22. ARIS Webinar: ARIS 2021 Awards Process

    ARIS webinar archived Nov. 18, 2020. Matt Johnson (ARIS Leadership Team) facilitated this discussion about the 2021 ARIS Awards process (categories, recognition, requirements, criteria) followed by a Q&A session.

  23. ARIS Webinar: Engagement from 6+ Feet Away

    ARIS webinar Sept. 16, 2020 on tools and strategies that engagement professionals used effectively to engage participants remotely during the pandemic and where we envision virtual engagement going in the future.

  24. ARIS Webinar: Establishing a BI Support Office at Your Institution

    ARIS webinar archived Sept. 25, 2019 on Establishing a Broader Impacts (BI) Support Office at Your Institution. Reps from several institutions around the US describe their models, how offices were established, how they function, "lessons learned."

  25. ARIS Webinar: Graduate Training on Broader Impacts

    ARIS webinar archived Oct. 21, 2020. Diane Doberneck, Ph.D., Michigan State University presented on opportunities and options for helping graduate students learn BI, outreach and engagement skills.

  26. ARIS Webinar: Inclusive SciComm and Broader Impacts

    ARIS webinar Aug. 12, 2020 led by Sunshine Menezes (Exec Dir, Metcalf Inst, Univ of RI) and Kaytee Canfield (Postdoc Researcher, US EPA) on effective methods for prioritizing inclusion, equity, intersectionality in science communication.

  27. ARIS Webinar: Institutional Assessment of Impact - How and what are people trying?

    ARIS webinar archived March 10, 2021. Two teams of evaluators [Karen Peterman Consulting (Karen Peterman, Allison Black-Maier); SERC (Ellen Iverson, Ellen Altermatt)] discuss ways to look at research impacts at an institutional level.

  28. ARIS Webinar: MSIs and BIs

    ARIS webinar archived Feb. 17, 2021. Panel (Aditi Pai, Corey Garza, Jennifer Fields) explores BI from the perspective of faculty/staff at minority serving institutions. How do their institutions benefit from the BI criterion? What challenges do they ...

  29. ARIS Webinar: South African Impact Strategies: Aligned to National, Regional, and Global Development Drivers

    Dec. 9, 2020 Dr. Cornel Hart (Univ. of W. Cape, S.A.) presented on Community Engagement model for Higher Ed Institutions to monitor/evaluate CE societal well-being impact aligned with local, regional, int'l development drivers' indicators/targets.

  30. ARIS Webinar: Spotlight on ARIS Fellow Products

    ARIS webinar archived Jan. 20, 2021. Fellows Nalini Nadkarni, Caitlin Weber, and Cat Stylinski discuss Understanding how Scientists Communicate about their Public Engagement Activities; Amelia Bachleda discusses Designing for Impact: An Infographic ...

  31. ARIS Webinar: Strength in Numbers

    ARIS webinar archived Dec. 16, 2020. Kevin Niemi and Travis Tangen (UW-Madison) shared programs and activities of the UW-Madison Science Alliance, a long-established community of STEM outreach and community engagement professionals.

  32. Broadening Perspectives on Broadening Participation in STEM

    A toolkit to support science engagement professionals who are developing strategic efforts to broaden participation in STEM. Part of CAISE.

  33. Broader Impact Wizard

    The updated Broader Impact Wizard provides support for investigators in developing a BI statement via an easy 5-step process to produce an outline of important points to satisfy the NSF BI Criterion.

  34. Broader Impacts Project Evaluation

    Matrix of evaluation strategies that can be used to assess different types of broader impacts events or programs. A searchable database of resources for evaluation methods ranging from surveys to more informal tools for judging audience engagement.

  35. Broader Impacts Review Document for National Science Foundation Proposals

    Broader Impacts Review Document for National Science Foundation Proposals

    • Web access only
    • Download: Free
    • New: Dec. 2020

    This document is designed to assist National Science Foundation (NSF) program managers, proposal reviewers, and review panels, in evaluating the broader impacts (BI) component of NSF proposals and to assist proposers with developing their BI plans.... Read more ...

  36. Classification scheme to quantify patterns of discourse about public engagement in disciplinary scientific journals (PDF)

    Development of a method to quantify prevalence of scientists' public engagement with science (PES) activities into five general types. (Weber, Stylinski, Nadkarni 2020)

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