Kyle Marian

Kyle Marian


Kyle Marian Viterbo is a former scientist, current science communications consultant who produces The Symposium: Academic StandUp shows and workshops. She has worked in and studied science communications and public engagement theory and practice in the US and UK. Like Jeanne, she has encountered many independent and institution-based outreach practitioners who can gain strategic knowledge from each other’s projects. Together we are working towards creating an easily accessible library of case studies for the community.

Project Description

Title: Building A Case Study Database for Science Outreach Initiatives in the United States

Goal: To create a simple, yet flexible framework for outreach practitioners to fill in and submit case studies of their work, and build a science outreach initiative library that any individual can contribute to and learn from.

Aspirations for Impact: We hope that this will serve the science outreach community allowing practitioners to better understand what good science outreach can look like in a diversity of settings, and to have a repository that tells us who is doing the work so that we can more effectively connect with each other.

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