Barbara A. Burke

Barbara A. Burke, M.A.; M.L.S.

Office of Sponsored Programs, New York City College of Technology

I am a leader in research development with a passion for supporting faculty career trajectories through extending research horizons and building intellectual communities and inter institutional partnerships to enable wide-ranging transformation in STEM education.

Charting Research Impacts in Minority Serving Institutions: Does One-Size Fit All?

Goal: We will synthesize typologies of Minority Serving Institutions, conceptual impact pathways, and the impact criteria of the UK 2020 Research Excellence Framework (REF) into a professional development tool to educate MSI grantee communities on Broader Impact theory and assist them with creating strategy around impact in their specific contexts.

Aspirations for Impact: This work will consider institutional characteristics, impact contexts, and community environments to assist Minority Serving Institution faculty members and administrators with identifying patterns of impact and defining pathways to achieving desired impact focus.

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