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  1. ARIS Webinar: Establishing a BI Support Office at Your Institution

    ARIS webinar archived Sept. 25, 2019 on Establishing a Broader Impacts (BI) Support Office at Your Institution. Reps from several institutions around the US describe their models, how offices were established, how they function, "lessons learned."

  2. 3 I's of Stakeholder Analysis (PPTX)

    Impact literacy breakout session material from 4/30/2020 ARIS Summit. Tools for keeping track of 3i’s (Interest, Influence, Impact) over time. Case study and CRM suggestions for whole institution. (Kristen Coakley Ashare)

  3. Are You Impact Healthy? (PDF)

    Workbook designed to help institutions consider how ‘healthy’ they are in terms of supporting and generating impact, and identify how they can improve it. Material to accompany Are You Impact Healthy? presentation at 2020 ARIS Summit (Bayley, ...

  4. Are You Impact Ready? (PDF)

    Workbook designed to accent impact training workshops, help individuals think through key aspects of impact, support/develop skills in impact planning. Material to accompany Are You Impact Healthy? presentation at 2020 ARIS Summit (Bayley, Phipps)

  5. ARIS NORDP Webinar on NSF BI Criterion

    ARIS webinar to define the broader impacts criterion that NSF requires for proposals and an overview about the transition from NABI to ARIS for the National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP).

  6. ARIS Portal to the Public (PDF)

    Led by the Institute for Learning Innovation, Portal to the Public offers an approach designed to help organizations connect public audiences with the scientists working in communities through face-to-face interactions at public programs and events.

  7. ARIS Research in Cinema (PDF)

    Building Sustainable Art-Based Outreach Collaborations to Engage Local Communities: a partnership in Columbia, MO between Ragtag Cinema and The Conector creating opportunities for audience members to learn more about the content and history of films.

  8. BI Public Engagement Plan and Worksheet (PDF)

    Ready to create a public engagement plan for your Broader Impacts? This infographic tool includes a fillable worksheet and a set of resources to support the development of a meaningful, community centered engagement project. (Bachleda 2019)

  9. Broadening Perspectives on Broadening Participation in STEM

    A toolkit to support science engagement professionals who are developing strategic efforts to broaden participation in STEM. Part of CAISE.

  10. Collaborative Project Management for Multi-Organizational Partnerships poster (PDF)

    Collaborative Project Management (CoPM) model aims to provide professional development tools connecting people and relationships within informal STEM learning ecosystem. The poster was presented at the ARIS 2020 Summit (Markham)

  11. Collaborative Project Management for Multi-Organizational Partnerships presentation (PDF)

    CoPM model aims to provide professional development tools connecting people and relationships within informal STEM learning ecosystem. Presentation shows examples of tools developed from this NSF-funded project. 2020 Summit presentation (Markham)

  12. Collecting and Communicating the Evidence of Impact (PPTX)

    Evidence of impact breakout session material from 4/30/2020 ARIS Summit. Turning research into action via research, dissemination, uptake and implementation benefits. (David Phipps)

  13. Convergent Learning from Divergent Perspectives (PDF)

    Initial findings from ongoing NSF-AISL project bringing together researchers with diverse disciplinary expertise to build collaborative projects engaging public audience in science. 2020 Summit poster presentation (O'Brien)

  14. Design Implement Innovative BI Activities STEM Ambassador Prog (PDF)

    STEMAP promotes open-minded exchange between scientists and the public with an emphasis on including those who don’t/can’t access science via traditional pathways such as visiting a science center. 2019 Summit presentation (Weber, Nadkarni)

  15. Do You Have the Right Impact Tools? (PPTX)

    Do you have the right tools for impact planning and knowledge mobilization strategy (how) to reach impact assessment and outcomes evaluation (what)? 2020 Summit presentation (Phipps, Ashare, Mills)

  16. Embracing the Potential for Citizen Science in Marine Tourism (PDF)

    Marine scientists are interviewed about their perceptions of citizen science, marine tourism and the potential for integration. Scientists’ perceptions will help develop surveys to be administered to tourists. 2020 Summit presentation (Behymer)

  17. Guiding Principles

    Guiding Principles

    • Web access only
    • Download: Free
    • New: March 2016

    The National Association for Broader Impacts (NABI) Broader Impacts Working Group has developed a guiding document for the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) broader impacts (BI) criterion. The purpose of this document is to assist NSF program... Read more ...

  18. Identifying and Breaking Down Barriers to Participation in Undergraduate Research (PDF)

    Barriers college students face in acquiring mentored research experiences. Mixed methods study findings are explored with strategies to create more inclusive research environments. 2019 Summit presentation (Haeger, Armstrong-Land, Smith)

  19. Knowledge and Impact Research Toolkit

    Repository of impact tools focused on topics such as knowledge mobilization planning, stakeholder engagement, and organizing accessible events to help community impacts. Toolkit created in partnership by Research Impact Canada and ARIS.

  20. Make Love Happen: Lasting Broader Impacts Relationships are Possible (PDF)

    Implementation of a unique, innovative liaison model as a practical tool for broader impacts work. Liaison spends time between multiple partners, serving as a boundary spanner between the groups. 2020 Summit presentation. (Farley, Little, Keith)

  21. Mentoring Handbook (PDF)

    Mentor Handbook offering tips and tools to foster further discussion about the value and essential components of mentor training within the research environment. 2020 Summit presentation (Davis)

  22. Mobilize YU - Building Knowledge Mobilization Capacity at York University (PDF)

    This poster provides an overview of non-credit knowledge mobilization course’s capacity building initiative. Topics, evaluation, impact and outcomes are shared. 2020 Summit poster presentation (Johnny)

  23. Path to Lasting Broader Impacts (PPTX)

    For businesses, organizations and K-12 schools to use for broader impacts liaison span work. 2020 Summit material. (Farley, Little, Keith)

  24. Perspectives on Broader Impacts

    Perspectives on Broader Impacts

    • Web access only
    • Download: Free
    • New: Nov. 2014

    Each year, the National Science Foundation (NSF) receives about 50,000 proposals for funding. Because there are far more meritorious proposals than NSF is able to fund, the foundation distinguishes among those proposals through a merit review process... Read more ...

  25. Practical Tools for Broader Impacts Work (PDF)

    BI professionals often find themselves supporting the work of academic researchers, staff, and students as they seek to connect and coordinate with others. 2020 Summit poster presentation describes practical tools for supporting BI work (Harp)

  26. Research and Public Engagement Experiences - OH MY! (PDF)

    Overview of current and previous programs to facilitate engagement with the public increasing the awareness of science’s values to society. Strategies and lessons learned for successful implementation 2020 Summit presentation. (Harris, Turcott)

  27. Science Communication Demands a Critical Approach That Centers Inclusion, Equity, and Intersectionality (PDF)

    We live in an era of abundant scientific information, yet access to information and to opportunities for substantive public engagement with the processes and outcomes of science are still inequitably distributed. 2020 Summit presentation material

  28. Science Outreach for Senior Citizens (PDF)

    Science with Seniors (SwS) was developed to bring informal science presentations to senior citizens at centers in the Chicagoland area. SwS efforts demonstrate a way to bring STEM outreach to older populations. 2020 Summit presentation (Padgaonkar)

  29. STEM Accessibility, Empowerment, Student Success (PDF)

    Find tips and resources to develop programs that facilitate improved educational outcomes for students with disabilities in STEM. Targeted for those at institutions without STEM-specific services for students with disabilities. (Connors 2019)

  30. Support materials for developing a Broader Impacts program (PDF)

    Compilation of sample materials (BI newsletter, quarterly brainstorming session, training announcement) to illustrate methods for developing a Broader Impacts support program in the absence of a central BI office. 2020 Summit presentation (Price)

  31. The Current State of Broader Impacts

    The Current State of Broader Impacts

    • Web access only
    • Download: Free
    • New: Jan. 2018

    Each year, the National Alliance for Broader Impacts (NABI) seeks to understand the current state of broader impacts (BI) in the national context. In 2017, NABI convened two forums to identify needs and solicit recommendations. The first event was a... Read more ...

  32. The Public Face of Science (PPTX)

    Resources and forthcoming recommendations from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Public Face of Science. Initiative initiated in 2016 to address complex, evolving relationship between science and society. 2020 Summit presentation (Kimmerling)

  33. TransFORMing Your Evaluation Practices (PPTX)

    Basics of creating a strong evaluation survey while exploring Google Forms and using free add-ons as tools improving the evaluation process by providing preliminary data analysis on incoming responses in real-time. 2020 Summit presentation (Peterson)

  34. Using the ECO and MPEF Frameworks (PPTX)

    Introduction and applications of two new frameworks as complementary tools for practitioners designing effective public engagement strategies and assess the strengths and weaknesses of their programs. 2020 Summit presentation (Garlick, Aurbach)

  35. Words matter: inclusive teaching of ambiguous classroom concepts

    Find short accessible video resources for educators and researchers working to create inclusive learning experiences by addressing lexical ambiguity. (Yoho 2019)

  36. Workshop: Broader Impacts through Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Research (PDF)

    Social, Behavioral, Economic Sciences (SBE) Research workshop. Panelists are current and former NSF SBE officers, providing guidance on robust cross-directorate proposals to NSF. 2019 Summit presentation (Zavisca, McKee, Tomkins)

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