ARIS provides various training and support opportunities to help your institution build partnerships and enhance your BI activities.

Bringing Broader Impacts Training to Your Institution

Would your institution benefit from a deeper understanding of broader impacts? Would you like tips and strategies for building partnerships and leveraging existing resources to enhance the impact of your institution’s research activities? Are you considering establishing a BI support office at your institution, but don’t know how/where to start?

ARIS provides workshops and consultation on BI-related topics for a variety of audiences, ranging from one-hour to multi-day sessions, depending on your needs.

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ARIS Program to Enhance Organizational Capacity for Research Impacts

ARIS is launching a program to enhance the capacity of organizations to provide comprehensive support for Research Impacts (RI) efforts.

The primary anticipated outcome of participation in this program is the establishment of a Research Impacts Support Office or Center, and/or enhancement of RI support infrastructure within the organization.

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